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Helen Thompson

Some sad news

Helen Thompson passed away early on Saturday January 9th. She worked as a support teacher in the Cadogan Centre for many years and lots of you will remember her patience and kindness as an individual tutor. She always went the extra mile to get to know and help her students. When she retired she lived in Deganwy and had many interests: entertaining her numerous friends, walking, art appreciation and travelling the world.

Helen will be sadly missed; her generous, selfless nature, whether as a teacher, a friend or colleague was an example to us all.

Online Chapel

As St David’s is once again closed and teaching online, our Sunday evening chapel services have moved to the online YouTube platform as they did in the last lockdown. We welcome all Old Davideans to attend so that we can all remain part of the extended St David’s community while we navigate another national lockdown.

Shirley van der Bijl

We have received the sad news that previous art teacher Shirley van der Bijl passed away in her sleep on October 21st. Her son Andre contacted us to say she had so many happy memories of her working time and friends made at St David’s.

Tim Hall fondly remembers both Shirley and her husband Jean who taught French and Art at St David’s:


Old Davidean Paul Spencer is already a 3 time Guiness World Record holder and now he is planning his greatest World Record attempt to date.

THE PLAN: “Wouldn’t it be cool if I rode around the world?”

Paul is currently mapping out a once-in-a-lifetime adventure – to pedal around the world starting this year. As a life-long traveller, he sees this opportunity as a dream he can achieve.
“Is that insane or just plain mad?”

Maybe it’s a little bit crazy (or mad) to the rest of the world. But for Paul, it’s simple.


The shiny new Archive Room at St. David’s is shaping up nicely. We even have a lovely new carpet! Please do send us a message if you have any school memorabilia that you would like to donate or loan to us. It really is turning out to be an exciting and fascinating project.

Notice the “Chantry School” plaque on the’s the story:

Pam Mayor at 90

Tim Hall and David Ward visited Pam Mayor recently as she celebrated her 90th Birthday. Aside from being the wife of John Mayor, the visionary founder of St David’s College, past pupils will also fondly remember Pam tirelessly manning the laundry and the tuck shop as well as fulfilling an endless list of selfless and invaluable roles in the day to day running of the school. Here she can be seen reading our newly published 'Three Peaks' Education Model, which directly reflects the principles put in place, and maintained at the schools foundation.

Old Davidean Nick Cogger Appointed as Housemaster of Tryfan

The ODA is extremely proud to announce that for the first time in its history, St David's has appointed an Old Davidean, Nick Cogger, as Housemaster. Nick will be Housemaster of Tryfan House from September 2017.

Nick has been working at St David's College as a dedicated member of staff for 10 years as both a Residential Assistant and an IT/Computing and Production Arts teacher.

He was a student and Tryfan boarder at St David's from 1995 to 2000 and is the middle child of three brothers who came through the school.