There will be no ODA weekend meet up this year for reasons known to us all, so don’t just turn up! This is the country’s most tragic time since the start of the Second World War in 1939.
We must wish for happier times. Hopefully next year we will be able to ‘meet again’.

Once again our annual London reunion will be at The Mitre in Lancaster Gate. Make sure you use the side entrance that takes you to "Old Mary's Cocktail Bar" and find us downstairs in "The Scullery" (don't go in through the main entrance).

Event Reports


A lovely relaxed evening was enjoyed by Old Davideans at Chester Brewhouse and Kitchen. We'll be keeping the Chester meet on our calander in the future. Always in the summer term. Keep an eye out for next year's dates. 

The best one yet - ODA’s ranging from the youngest, the be-jewelled nosed Molly Jenkins with her friend Cara Lyons, to the eldest Martin Myatt, who entered St David’s in its second term of existence, Spring 1966. There were announcements of engagements, weddings, children and promotions.

Blast from the past

A Blast From The Past …… Well, an uplift anyway. Current Lower 6th Former Louis Dalton discovered dusty, abandoned, mysterious, mechanical artefacts in an out of the way store room. What could they be?